Duarib - Novateur sur toute les hauteurs
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Values & Engagement


Thanks to its history and its values and based on the reliability and the security of its products, DUARIB has successfully positioned itself as the French specialist regarding work-at-height solutions, well-known to professionals. Beyond such recognition, DUARIB is seen today as a respected brand with a high guarantee of product quality and expertise, always innovative and meeting the requests of the legislator.

DUARIB designs and manufactures platforms and scaffolding structures in France marketed throughout the country through a large specialized distribution network. Everyday, our team composed of 100 employees work every day steadily with passion and expertise in order to provide our users and distributors with high quality products meeting their expectations.


An extraordinary lever for collective success 

At DUARIB, we take time to train our teams considering the training and the qualification of our employees as a great lever for collective success. In this way, we help and encourage to get involved and build a future within the company. We give employees many reasons to move together with the purpose of creating added values. This involves technical improvements of our machines and our manufacturing process, ergonomic workstations and of course regulatory and legal developments.

Attracting young talents

Unfortunately nowadays the metalworking sector is suffering from an ageing image resulting in disaffection from young generations. DUARIB has decided to change people's opinion by regulary opening its doors to middle and high schools. In doing so, they can discover a modern and well-organized production equipment as well as cutting-edge machines and a constant quality approach. Each year, our proactive action allows us to host students who gain professional experience with qualified "tutor".


Being in compliance with regulations and standards, we consciously verify our product quality at all stages of the manufacturing. Moreover we pay great attention to the needs of our customers. All this are commitments guiding our actions either for the production of hugh volumes or the design of custom-made solutions. Our dynamic and proactive behaviour makes us be regulary awarded with the most demanding certifications which enhance our expertise and show constantly DUARIB's will for progress.

NF 096 label – Construction equipment

A large number of DUARIB's products have been certified "NF 096 Construction equipment". It provides users with serious security guarantees. Proving that our equipment is compliant and audited regularly by an impartial body, DUARIB offers total peace of mind to its users and enhances our capital of trust.

ISO 9001 label

In recognition of the daily commitment towards its customers and to reward a performance approach for a permanent improvement, DUARIB earned ISO 9001 Certification in 2012..


DUARIB products are composed of 95% steel and aluminum going to structured reprocessing units. Thanks to a clean manufacturing process it offers an outstanding durability. These organic elements enable us to fit naturally with our sustainable development approach and therefore constitute the basis for a strong environmental commitment.

More specifically, DUARIB - as a responsible industrial citizen - wants to act on all levels in order to control the impact of its activities on the environment :

  • Capture of welding fumes.
  • Rational choice regarding raw materials.
  • Waste handling.
  • Decrease of technical scraps.
  • Use of recycled wooden pallets.
  • Optimisation of finished-product packaging.
  • Management of end-of-life products and their recycling.

Willing to be part of a process for continious improvement of its environmental performance and with the aim to enhance its commitments, DUARIB has prepared for several months to get into an ISO 14001 Certification. This certification is the only one being worldwide known for its successful environment handling. It will allow us to better control our actions while uniting our work teams an inclusive citizen project.