Duarib - Novateur sur toute les hauteurs
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Staying true to the vision of its founder, the DUARIB Company strongly believes that innovation must be at the heart of its global strategy with a continuous search for safety, security and ergonomics.

Meeting all requirements of professionals who need to work at height is our essential aim while offering them the best efficiency. Thanks to this determination, the hallmark "DUARIB" has become a valued and recognized brand with a reputation of being a pioneer company developing innovative solutions promoting comfort, safety and easy implementation.

Always keeping one step ahead

With the aim to comply with a constantly changing regulation, DUARIB has alaways been working closely with certification and prevention bodies. Our active watch enables us to provide high reactivity regarding the development of various scaffolding and platforms, also helping the company to anticipate future standards early in the design stage of our products.

Keeping on a rich dialogue with professionals

Listening to its customers has always been a key factor for DUARIB seeking new ways to design innovation while constantly highlighting communication and exchange of ideas. That's why we keep in mind very strongly that the best feedback comes from the users of our scaffoldings and platforms !


Our creativity as evidence

Each day, DUARIB is proven to be very energetic when it comes to Research notably backed up with its 25 patents issued in less than 10 years. Such a constant determination to efficiency !