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Duarib Augmented Reality

« A real revolution in the user experience. »

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A brand new concept

The first of its kind!
Duarib is proposing an augmented reality app for working at height. It enables the user to visualise DUARIB mobile platforms and scaffold towers life-size, wherever and whenever you want, on your smartphone or tablet.

What exactly is augmented reality ?

It is an immersive technology that enables you to visualise virtual items in your real environment. It is the first time that this technique has been used in the market for working at height.

Many advantages for users and businesses

Real-time simulation

Test your DUARIB product, actual size, wherever and whenever you want.

Increased efficiency

Invest without any mistakes

Saves time

No longer any need to transport the equipment on site to see if it is suitable for the working environment.

Enhanced safety

Choose equipment suited to all the specific features of your work site or vehicle.

Simple and intuitiveto use

  • 1I choose the product that I want to test.

  • 2I scan the floor or the inside of my vehicle.

  • 3I visualise my 3D model, actual size.

  • 4I can move it around, change its shape, change its height ...

  • 5I record my experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is augmented reality ?

Where can I download the app ?

Is there a tutorial ?

Find the answers to all your questions by consulting our FAQs.

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