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GAZELLE RS - 31/01/2020

the first ultra mobile ajustable height lirp

GAZELLE RS: an "ULTRA-MOBILE" variant of the famous platform.

A concept dreamed by DUARIB

To make it easier to move individual platforms around the workplace, DUARIB has come up with the ultra-mobility.  The principle: 4 swivelling castors on its legs which retract and lock as soon as the operator steps on the platform.

The WHEELYS platform was the first to introduce this concept.  Encouraged by the enthusiastic reception from early adopters, DUARIB decided to apply it to the Gazelle, the brand’s best-selling mobile scaffold tower.


GAZELLE RS: available from January 2020

With 4 castors that swivel through 360°, the GAZELLE RS can be moved effortlessly and smoothly around the workplace. All the advantages which have made the Gazelle such a success for decades have been kept in the RS version: spacious platform, total safety, adjustable height. GAZELLE RS is free-standing, complies with the PIRL and comes with the NF label.


Test the GAZELLE RS in augmented reality

Using the AR DUARIB app, you can test the Gazelle RS in your working environment and find out all the details.  The experience is intuitive and ultra-realistic.

FREE DOWNLOAD on Google Play or App Store.