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TV SHOW - C'est dans la boîte - 11/09/2019

interview with christophe aubry, duarib's chief officer

TV station Télénantes has chosen to  feature DUARIB as part of the new series of its show “C’est dans la boîte”.

With their cameras and microphones, journalists met the DUARIB team to understand what makes DUARIB scaffolding successful and positions the brand as a major actor for work-at-height solutions in France.

From the shop floor to the back-office, take a look behind the scenes at DUARIB.


Focus on the “QUADRA”

As a precision numeric control machine tool, the QUADRA needs to be programmed by a qualified
operator (interview with Mickael Wiart, setter/operator) . The show observes the symbiosis necessary between human and machine, which guarantees a high quality product.

From material to product

“C’est dans la boîte” looks at stock management and the various manufacturing processes with Guillaume Bilheude, scheduling technician.

From product to user

How does DUARIB stay competitive in France and internationally? What are the company’s strengths? Christelle Brémaud, sales assistant, gives us the low-down.

Interview with Christophe Aubry

DUARIB’s Chief Operating Officer Christophe Aubry talks about the company’s values and future developments.


First broadcast on 2 September on Télénantes, the programme can be viewed again here at this address (https://www.telenantes.com/economie/cest-dans-la-boite/article/cest-dans-la-boite-chez-duarib).